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You're a mom boss. You are ready to feel healthy and full of energy. 

You want your swagger back!

I want that for you too. 

The more swagger, health and vitality we have, the better we are in achieving our dreams and changing our world.

Hi there! I'm Tricia 

I am a weight loss coach and a mindset mentor for mompreneurs who don't have time for BS and are ready to claim back their health through mindset, nutrition and fitness.

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Healthy Lifestyle Coaching for Mompreneurs

Empowering moms to live a healthy lifestyle and unleash the INNER WARRIOR!

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OK mama -  Let's keep it real. 

When you are raising children, running a business, trying to have a social life and sustaining relationships, life sometimes feels like a big dumpster fire.
As the dumpster fire grows, you start treating your body like a dumpster, eating whatever, whenever because you have zero minutes to take care of yourself.  The only exercise you get is sprinting to the electric outlet before your toddler gets there.
You feel tired, there are Legos all over the floor, you don't love your body, your brain is foggy at work and you are praying a glass of Chardonnay appears in front of you. I get it because I have been there.
If you feel completely disconnected from your body and your health, you can change this.  No more yo-yo diets, no more eliminating food groups, no more hours on end at the gym, no more excuses.

It's time for simple habits and a mindset shift.

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Hear What Some Mindful Warrior Mamas Are Saying!

"After working with Tricia, I have a much better self-image because she has helped me learn the benefits of positive self-talk. I've also lost almost 80lbs because of her exercise, nutrition advice and support. I am a MUCH happier person and a MUCH better mom!"

Emily S.
Mama of two

"I started working with Tricia in preparation for my IVF embryo transfer. I was stressed, nervous, and out of control. My weight had steadily gone up the last few years from stress and taking hormones for IVF (and the stress based on worries of it not working) only added to this. I didn't know how to recognize where I still could have power and positivity, which only created a further downward spiral. Working with Tricia allowed me to take back control and I learned to care better of myself (not only nutritionally and physically, but also emotionally) in the process. Instead of beating myself up for eating off my plan, I felt empowered to make my own food choices, and began to learn how to gently get myself back on track when I had an off day. And to top it all off, the IVF worked!!"

Rachel N.
Mama of one

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